A Data-Centric Approach to Implementing MLOps - Webinar


about the webinar

Watch as we discuss a data-centric approach to implementing MLOps in your Machine Learning pipeline, including:

  • Annotation QA and review processes
  • Utilizing pre-annotation and imports
  • Using metadata to refine existing annotations
  • Visualizing and rebalancing datasets
  • Integrating an API

After our walkthrough, we discuss some common use cases and popular features, then open up the floor for questions from the audience. 

about the speaker

Ben Cohen has spent the past 18 months refining the Innotescus platform with the assistance of the relationships he's built with our customers. Ben holds a BS and MS from Stanford University, and worked on Autonomous Vehicles and other Advanced Driver Assistance Systems at General Motors before his time at Innotescus.


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