Graduate Students at Carnegie Mellon University Leverage Innotescus Platform

To Drive Model Performance Through Fast,
Accurate Data Labeling

Learn how the Innotescus platform played a significant role in improving the success of the
Carnegie Mellon University team's model. Innotescus’ collaborative SaaS platform streamlines the AI/ML development process via smart data handling, labeling, and annotation capabilities. Additionally, its data visualization and cross-functional collaboration features identify data bias early, improve data accuracy, and enable faster, cost efficient deployment of high performance AI. 


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We assigned only one night to labeling data. If we didn’t have the Innotescus platform, we would not have been able to get the work done. Having the ability to leverage the Innotescus tools enabled us to focus on more critical aspects of the project.
- Shasa Antao
MRSD Gaduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University
The Innotescus team was very responsive to our questions and requests. They have developed the product leveraging input from a variety of users, including those labeling the data as well as those using the data to ensure the best quality of data.
- Shaun Lu
MRSD Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University