A Data-Centric Approach to Augmentation - Webinar


about the webinar

Learn about the role augmentation can play in building large, robust computer vision datasets. We discuss different augmentation techniques, when and how to apply them, and finish with a case study that focuses on using augmentation to improve the accuracy of YOLO on a popular class.

After our discussion, we took questions from the audience. 

about the speakers

Shashank Deshpande is a Co-founder and Lead AI/ML scientist for Innotescus. His research interests are in object detection and tracking, image segmentation, and EDA. Shashank recently placed second in Andrew Ng's Data-Centric AI Competition. Shashank holds an MS from Carnegie Mellon University.

Ben Cohen has spent the past 18 months refining the Innotescus platform with the assistance of the relationships he's built with our customers. Ben holds a BS and MS from Stanford University, and worked on Autonomous Vehicles and other Advanced Driver Assistance Systems at General Motors before his time at Innotescus.


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